Intruder Cat Hatred

FRED, I HATE OTHER CATS.  Even Blade randomly pisses me off, though you know how much I love him.  I enjoy bathing him because heaven knows he doesn’t do a good enough job by himself, but one paw out of line and I switch from grooming to smacking in an instant.

When intruders appear on the other side of the front screen door, I threaten them loudly enough for the world to hear.  One such intruder appeared recently, and I even chased after the idiot.

Human edit: Arya went running into an adjacent room, thinking she was following the outside cat who had run off to the right. What a derp. The video starts as she returns, realising her mistake. Blade continues to complain about the intruder very loudly to me. 

Awesome Video

Oh my goodness, Fred, you have got to see this video!  It’s brilliant. It’s beyond brilliant. It deserves an Oscar!

My silly human was trying to trim my claws.  Naturally, I got angry, and kept scratching her and yowling. How dare she try to trim my claws??

She came to her senses eventually, though, and decided to make it up to me by showing me this amazing video.  I have decided to forgive her attempt to trim my claws.  She’s back in my good books.   I might even love her.

This video is going to keep me smiling for days!

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EDIT: akfdhakdjsfhadsfkjf Fred. My bloody human apparently trimmed my claws while I was watching the video.  I HATE HER.