The Box in a Box Acquisition

Dear Fred,

I found a box in a box.  Yes, you heard me correctly. A bloody box in a box.

Arya in box 1

Naturally, I claimed it.

Arya in box 2

Sod off, Blade.


I’m still the one in charge, though.

Dear Fred,

Blade and I are pretty much inseparable.


Bigger gif things that wouldn’t fit (seriously WordPress, you need to invest in cardboard boxes!):

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Birthday Girl

Dear Fred,

Today is my birthday!  I am a year old, 15 in human terms.

arya birthday

arya birthday 2

I spent part of the day playing with a wooden bird. Yes, you heard me correctly. A FREAKIN’ WOODEN BIRD!!! It was the best!

(The quality sucks, I know.  My human’s talker-thingie isn’t very good.)

The rest of the time I hung out with my little bro.

arya birthday 3

arya birthday 4

Best. birthday. ever.