Game of Meows

Dear Fred.  I ruled Westeros today.  I let Luna take a two minute swig at it, too, but I’ve been sleeping on the Iron Throne the whole day to establish my dominance.




A Cozy Christmas

Dear Fred,

I have been traveling.  My human and I went on a road trip to Agra, where I met her family.  I, of course, proceeded to make them all fall in love with me because I am fabulous.

And you know what? My human’s mother is pretty fabulous too. She made a cozy bed for me, out of my human’s old sweater.  (I think it suits me better, anyway.)


It was a perfect Christmas gift.  I love it.  Sleeping on it makes me feel the way Daenerys Targaryen would if she ever reaches the Iron Throne.



Hello World

Dear Fred (Wait, can I call you Fred? I think I’m going to call you Fred.),

Hello. Have a picture:

Think I got the hang of this camera thing

First selfie. I could get used to this camera thing.

I’m Arya. Arya Tempus. That’s the name my human gave me two weeks ago, when the vet told her I am a girl. The day before, she called me ‘Tyrion’. Ha. Like I could ever be a boy. So, yeah, she’s a little slow. But when I talk (and I talk constantly because my voice is fabulous), she listens. And when I nibble on her arm, she tastes like textbooks and pens, and sometimes like tuna if I’m lucky enough to catch her after she’s touched my food. So she’s not all that bad.

I think I’m going to keep her.