The Box in a Box Acquisition

Dear Fred,

I found a box in a box.  Yes, you heard me correctly. A bloody box in a box.

Arya in box 1

Naturally, I claimed it.

Arya in box 2

Sod off, Blade.


An Alien Machine

Dear Fred,

At our old apartment, my human didn’t let me see how she cleaned her clothes.  I kinda just assumed that she licked them all, as any sane being is wont to do.  But at this new place, I saw her put her clothes into a gigantic metal box.

(Why are boxes made of metal, anyway?  That’s so stupid. Everything should be made of cardboard.

I love cardboard boxes.)

I have no idea how this metal box is supposed to clean her clothes.  But I’ve put it under my “To Watch Closely Because is Probably Evil” list.

photo (3)

One Fort to Rule Them All

Dearest Fred (aka the lovely Internet),

I write to you from Helm’s Deep, trying to hold my ground against an army of orcs. Circumstances are dire, Fred, and I fear the worst.  I don’t even have a sword.  I will, however, do my human proud, and fight with all the bravery and might I can muster.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (1)


If I survive this, I will let my human play with the green mouse of mine I’m always having to hide so that she doesn’t hog it.

Pray for me, Fred.