The Household Bane

Dear Fred,

Blade’s home.  My human caught him on Saturday.  He was spotted on the road by some children who were playing outside. She lured him with tuna and grabbed him, and he bit her in fright.  The idiot.

I growled and hissed at him angrily for a whole day.  For some reason, my human felt the need to separate us, but I really wanted to keep yelling at him.  He took it all quietly, of course, because he knew he deserved it. He kept trying to rub against me, but I pushed him away.  And ignored his cries when we were separated by my human’s bedroom door.

The next morning I was visited by iCloudy, a tomcat I’d befriended while Blade was away. Blade was hiding in a corner, and I completely ignored him and went ahead with my playdate.

2014-11-16 13.17.552014-11-16 13.19.22


My brother should really learn some manners from iCloudy.

I continued to ignore Blade for a few hours. But when he whimpered, my heart melted a tiny bit, so I began to groom him.  When he tried to lick me back, though, I hissed and ran away.  This happened on and off for the rest of Sunday.

Today is the first day I allowed him to touch me.

2014-11-17 14.01.12

My human’s friend made a follow-up strip. I feel it reflects my sentiments perfectly:-

Cat Limerick 2

Welcome home, precious loser.



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