Dear Fred,

No sign of Blade in over week.  The idiot is off on an adventure, somewhere. I think we should rename him Bilbo.  There are rumours of a bunch of black cats a few streets over. I bet he’s joined a gang.

Extensive searches, ‘missing’ posters, and the smell of tuna have all proved futile.  My human and I are both pretty distressed. I miss my minion.  He was quite a cuddler when he wanted to be.

arya and blade cuddles 2 Arya and Blade cuddles 4 arya and blade cuddles

My human’s friend made this in honour of Blade.

Cat Limericks

I want one too.  Maybe I can convince him to make one of people worshipping me…

Blade, I swear if I ever see your face again I’m going to lick it then ignore it for four hours.


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