The New Kid on the Block

Fred, Fred, Fred.

It’s been a while.  But I’ve been busy.  I blame my human for this roller coaster of a few weeks.

You see, some time ago I saw her take out my basket.  I figured we were going to the vet, so I hid.  But she didn’t try to find me, and I got irritated. How could she ignore me?

So I sat in the basket in defiance.


She took me out, picked up the empty the basket and left. I was shocked.

Then she had the audacity to return with this midget:

I hated him.  We hissed and yowled for days, and I even attacked my stupid human for bringing such an ugly little annoying creature into my territory!

But then I got bored of being angry.  I decided to watch him.  I kept staring at him. Stalking him.


And soon found out that he was quite delicious to nibble on.

And also useful.  He figured out how to open the food cabinet.  Now, when I’m hungry, I make him get into the food cupboard while I stand guard. If my human comes towards the kitchen, I call out to him and we bolt!

It’s simply fabulous.  I have my own little minion now!  His name is Blade.



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