Dear Fred,

Today was a glorious day.  I slew a dragon.


I’d been eyeing the shiny bastard from the moment I got here, but was biding my time.  My first kill had to be perfect, and it had to intimidate my human.

Sloppy Scales — I don’t know what his real name was, but it doesn’t really matter — used to sit on top of my human’s notebook collection.  It was an atrocious fire hazard.  Sure, he’d been there long before I came along and I don’t think there were any fire incidents, but what if he had accidentally sneezed or farted?  My human could have died!  What’s worse, I wouldn’t have any notebooks to cuddle up to!


So I saved her notebooks from doom.  It was quite a heroic feat.  You may call me Dragonslayer.


One thought on “Dragonslayer

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