The Blue Throne

Hello again, Fred.

I think my human is under the impression that she is the master of this place. After careful observation, I conclude that this is because she spends most of her time at the desk, on what will henceforth be known as the Blue Throne.

2013-11-10 13.39.03

While I have gone around the place establishing certain spots as mine, I frequently return to the Blue Throne so that my human learns her place.  She often finds me lounging on what is rightfully mine, and gives me the most pathetic, defeated look.  I feel a little bad, though, so once she acknowledges my authority, I let her sit there and work, as long as she keeps me on her lap.

2013-11-12 16.54.24

The strange part of it all is that she keeps returning to the Blue Throne day after day looking surprised that I’m sitting there.  Did I mention she is a little slow?

But I am patient. I am stern, but benevolent.  With time she will learn who really runs this place.


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