Hello World

Dear Fred (Wait, can I call you Fred? I think I’m going to call you Fred.),

Hello. Have a picture:

Think I got the hang of this camera thing

First selfie. I could get used to this camera thing.

I’m Arya. Arya Tempus. That’s the name my human gave me two weeks ago, when the vet told her I am a girl. The day before, she called me ‘Tyrion’. Ha. Like I could ever be a boy. So, yeah, she’s a little slow. But when I talk (and I talk constantly because my voice is fabulous), she listens. And when I nibble on her arm, she tastes like textbooks and pens, and sometimes like tuna if I’m lucky enough to catch her after she’s touched my food. So she’s not all that bad.

I think I’m going to keep her.


2 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Hi Arya,
    First of all welcome to RADS family, and i can guarantee you are going to have loads of fun as you grow.
    Be guaranteed of
    a) loads of food (Dark choclates, Rads used to love them),
    b) coffee coffee and more coffee (Better start acquiring a taste for them over normal milk)
    c) lots of quirky chirps, random talks and some awesome background sound (ahhh, heeeyyyy)
    d) Occasionally she might sing for you in her sweet lovely voice 🙂

    Rest assured, I shall surely meet you when I visit Delhi :-)))))

  2. Hello Manu, thank you for your comments. She did sing for me once, and I decided to sing along. For some reason that made her laugh. I was highly offended. Psh. I didn’t even like her low-pitched singing anyway…

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