Hi Fred,

My human has been away for a couple of weeks.  She left us with some folks called Cuddle Inn.  Blade’s afraid of them, but that was expected cuz he’s a big old scaredy cat. I’m getting along with them just fine.

I’d probably have more time to actually get to know them if my human wasn’t so damn clingy.  She keeps skyping me.

arya skype

Here’s Blade trying to say hi before desperately scrambling back into the cupboard he’s decided to permanently hide in:

blade skype

And a little something the Cuddle Inn folks took:

To my human: if you’re reading this, I’m not saying that we miss you or anything but I do think you should come back soon. You know, for your own sake and such.  You must miss giving us belly rubs or feeding us tuna or sharing that yellow ribbon with us. Right?